Marmaris – Datça – Marmaris

Marmaris – Datça – Marmaris

Another one of our courses that you may prefer among our one-week tours is the “Marmaris – Datça – Marmaris” course. This course that extends up to the gulf of Hisarönü will turn into a visual feast that lays bare the harmony of green and blue.

Starting from the Kadırga bay, you will enjoy the sun and the sea in this journey and have the chance to make observations on the culture and the art. The “Serçe Port” where the history meets with the sea and that hosts archaeological remains of the 11th century will be a great option for enjoying the sea. During our tour that will continue with the “Bozburun” village, you will explore “Oğlanboğuldu” bay where there was a crater until recently and do water sports there.

When you arrive at the lovely Aegean village of Bozburun which has managed to preserve it traditionalism and remain intact until today, you may have the chance to visit the farmer’s market on Tuesdays and do shopping there. Subsequently, a nice walk in the village will be alternative to fill oxygen into your lungs.

Another stop before arriving at Datça until be “Aktur bay”. Aktur will welcome you with its turquoise sea and freshening and sunbathing there will take away all the stress of the year.

The point where you will halfway through your blue journey will be Datça. Datça will be a more attractive point if you are interested in both natural beauties and arts. We think that you won’t want to return home before visiting the house and the tomb of the famous modern Turkish poet Can Yücel, alias “Can Baba (Father Can)”. Moreover, another ancient city of culture and arts which you can visit in Datça is “Knidos (Cnidus)”. One of the great astrologist and mathematician in history, Eudoxus, the doctor Euryphon, the famous painter Polygnotos and Sostratus the architect of the Lighthouse of Alexandria which is considered one of the world’s seven wonders are known to live there. This trip will offer you the chance to have a unique cultural experience.

As we, the GuletPoint, mentioned above; the activities that may be involved in addition to the sea, sun and the calmness will not stop following you also in the return trip to Marmaris. On the return course, we are sure that you will have great time in the “Bencik” and “Koca Bahçe” bays. And we want to remind you that, if you wish, you may also participate in a jeep safari with your group of friends.

One of our last stops before arriving at the port of Marmaris will be “Bozukkale (Loryma)”. Bozukkale is a castle that evokes the impression of being a defense unit of the opposite shore of Rhodes. The castle which has a rectangle form with opposing walls has nine towers. It has a well-preserved and intact condition with its towers and bastions. The fact that the castle is named as “Bozukkale (literally “Ruined Castle” should not be associated with the belief that the castle is partly ruined. The trip you will take there will be a good chance to re-experience the history in its place.

Following all these activities, your blue journey during which you fully enjoyed the sea, sun, nature and culture, will be ended up at the port of Marmaris.

Wishing you a holiday that you’ll never forget and get excited while remembering every moment!

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